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"I wish someone could just... guide me a bit. You know, hold my hand."

This common phrase is one that comes up in almost every client interaction. Since the topic is marketing, sales and brand development, a quick play on words leads us to... Brandheld.

Fun fact:

"Held" is the German word for "hero".


As a bilingual company, offering services in both English and German, this double entendre made "Brandheld" a winner.

Meet The Team

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Janine Olariu, Founder

My passions: Marketing, sales, and combining the two for maximum success.

With a love for the science of human interaction, online and offline, I strive to build demand, brand awareness and, ultimately, a measurable ROI for every company. My heart beats for technology and any opportunity to motivate marketing and sales teams.

Where did I gain my skills?

My love of teaching and enabling began early - at age 14 in Canada I was providing tutoring sessions in my community for anyone interested in learning how to use the internet. This grew into also providing marketing and website development to a variety of local entrepreneurs. By 1997 I knew that my joy comes from working on messaging and brand positioning, and consumer behavior paired with technological support tools is a space I would thrive in.

Fast forward to the 2000's. My professional career continued through positions in marketing research, business development, partner management, demand generation and a variety of management opportunities both nationally in Germany and internationally, with remote teams across Europe and the US.


Companies in which I have had the pleasure of building brand and demand in include:

FinTech startups, ERP and business software giants such as Dassault Systèmes, and social media corporations such as LinkedIn.

Why did I found Brandheld?

The network I have built up throughout my career has constantly indicated a clear business need for the services that Brandheld provides: branding strategy, demand generation best practices, sales guidance and social selling support.

After many years of providing these services on an adhoc basis, I felt it was time to professionalize my offerings. I have now begun my own brand-building journey with Brandheld - a company here to handhold professionals of all industries until they have a solid marketing and sales machine in place themselves.

We should glow together

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